Metal Recovery and Reclamation

With its proprietary polymers, Periodic Products has demonstrated the efficient removal and isolation of metals from ore, coal ash, incinerator ash, and metal-laden tailing ponds. The Companyu2019s polymer technologies are poised to have a significant impact on global mining activities by improving the efficiency of mineral extraction from ores and other mining by-productsu2013 and while decreasing overall environmental impact.

Cost-Effective Recovery of Metals from Incinerator Ash

In 2010, 86 waste-to-energy (WtE) facilities operating in 24 states processed more than 26 million tons of municipal solid waste. The two types of ash produced duringu00a0WtE generation u2013 bottom ash and fly ash u2013 are frequently combined to reduce the leaching potential of the component metals. There have been numerous investigations into the possibility of using WtE ash as a source of metals, including copper, lead, mercury and rare earth metals. However, a cost effective method of extraction and isolation has not been previously reported.

Periodic Products Inc.u2019s patented Cheloku00ae technology is a polymer based chelating compound possessing multiple industrial applications. Applying our proprietaryu00a0extraction technology and patented polymer-based metal isolation procedures, we have successfully isolated copper and lead u2013 the primary metal contaminants u2013 from 80-year-old municipal incinerator ash. Based on initial projections, the cost ofu00a0extraction and isolation (including CAPX) is approximately 50% of the currentu00a0market price for these metals, making this process economically viable.