Abandoned Mine

In the United States and most countries, mining companies are required to follow stringent environmental and rehabilitation codes to minimize environmental impact and avoid the impact of these operations on human health. The leftover waste from mining operations is so hazardous that mining companies must meet government regulations and address the management of this waste prior to opening the mine. Even with this regulation and oversight, the impacts are still substantial. Many mine owners simply abandon these mines and their responsibility to address this hazardous waste.

In the United States, the government has identified about 46,000 abandoned mines on public lands alone, with some characterized as Superfund sites. Unfortunately, most abandoned mines have not been identified. By some estimates, there are as many as half a million abandoned mines in the U.S. These sites have the potential to contaminate water, pollute soil, kill wildlife, and sicken humans.

Periodic Products’ polymer compounds, with their ease of use, high binding capacity, and rapid speed of binding to hazardous metals, represent a significant advance in reducing the environmental impact of these tailing ponds.